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The Bible and Radiometric dating (The difficulty with Carbon 14 as well as other dating practices).

The Bible and Radiometric dating (The difficulty with Carbon 14 as well as other dating practices).

Lots of people are underneath the impression that is false carbon dating demonstrates that dinosaurs and other extinct pets lived an incredible number of years back. What numerous don’t realize is carbon relationship isn’t accustomed date dinosaurs.

The reason why? Carbon dating is just accurate straight back a couple of thousand years. Therefore if boffins genuinely believe that a creature resided millions of years back, chances are they will have to date it another method.

But there is however the difficulty. They assume dinosaurs lived an incredible number of years ago (in place of tens of thousands of years ago just like the bible states). They ignore evidence that doesn’t fit their preconceived idea.

Just what would happen if a dinosaur bone tissue had been carbon dated? – At Oak Ridge nationwide Laboratory, boffins dated dinosaur bones utilising the Carbon dating technique. Age they came ultimately back with was just a few thousand yrs . old.

This date would not fit the notion that is preconceived dinosaurs lived scores of years back. Just what exactly did they are doing? They tossed the awaycomes out. And kept their theory that dinosaurs lived “millions of years ago” alternatively.

This might be typical practice.

Then they utilize potassium argon, or any other practices, and date the fossils once more.

They are doing this several times, making use of a different relationship technique each and every time. The outcomes is often as much as 150 million years different from one another! – how’s that for an “exact” science?

Then they select the date they like most readily useful, based on their preconceived notion of just how old their concept states the fossil must be (based on the Geologic column) .